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The mission of "Diana & T" is to contribute as much as possible to the creation of a civilized tourist market, where relations in the client-agent-operator chain are based on mutual trust and respect. The ultimate goal of the company's activities is to make quality rest available for all categories of the country's population.

The main goal of "Diana & T" is to further enhance the efficiency of the company and its competitiveness in the market, which involves targeted work in four areas:

  • management of market expectations by strengthening loyalty to the company's product and conducting effective actions to further enhance the brand recognition of "Diana & T";
  • improving the performance of the company due to higher sales volumes and differentiated tourist products, constant monitoring of the current state of the market and prompt adjustments to plans;
  • improving the quality of company management through effective planning and improving the accuracy of projections of performance
  • work on the highest world standards, the introduction of innovative tourism technologies, without which it is impossible to move forward.

In the further plans of "Diana & T" - an increase in the share occupied by the company in the market, expansion of business due to the improvement of quality, development of new directions and expansion of the range of provided services.