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Mineral spring Avj
Avj spring is the second spring in the Pamirs used for medicinal purpose. This spring is located 80 km from Khorog and 27 km from Ishkashim district centre on the bank of the river of Panj at an altitude of 2,410 m above sea level. 

Garm-Chashma is situated in the South Eastern part of Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast, 45 km from Ishkashim district centre. It is located in a deep valley on the right side of the Ishkashim River at 2.770 m above the sea level, with a wonderful view of the snowy tops of the Ishkashim ridge and abundance of wild roses, berberis, and black currant. 

The Tajik Sea

The sanatorium is located on the coast of the sea. Moreover, the sea is not an ordinary one, it won't be found even in the Yandex maps. This artificial lake created in the 50s of the last century radically changed the climate of the area. Now this is truly a resort place with healing climate. The sea is filled with water from mountain springs as Tajikistan on 93% consists of mountains. In addition, the sea is not navigable, thus it has a level of purity, which can not boast of any other resort area.